Fragments of thoughts often outrun writing

I’ve always been the deep thinker with lots of thoughts flowing in the old wetware in varying levels of scatter and focus. This is a place where such thoughts may appear from time to time. Sometimes with long gaps in between, other times with a burst of them back to back. The best way to follow is with an RSS reader, though I believe you can also point more transient tools such as twitter to it as well. The initial WordPress offer to send tweets on my behalf asked for a tighter connection than is wise.

Initial thoughts are to use this space for my IT related posts, as I do have other spaces for the rest of my Adventures in Chaos that is life.


Beware the silent types, as that silence lulls you to a false sense of security before the surprise you. I don’t usually mean to surprise people when I walk up to them, but somehow that keeps happening.

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